If You Had Just 10 Words to Describe Why Customers Should Want to Buy from You, What Would You Say?

It’s a simple question…

…or not? 

Without a rock-solid value prop, people don’t have any reason to work with you over your competitors. A great value proposition could be the difference between losing a sale…and closing it. It could be the difference between closing a new customer…and closing your business’ doors for good.

If you’re struggling to get customers to care about what you have to offer, then Trailhead will show you exactly how you uniquely create true value for your customers so you never struggle with expressing your value ever again! 



No Mumbo Jumbo

Resonate with your clients by connecting with them on a more emotional level ditch the cookie cutter language. 

Stand Out In The Market

Never get lost in the clutter again and come off exactly like your competition.

No Time Wasted

Knowing exactly what, how, why, and for whom you’re marketing to.

“So…what do you do?”

When people ask you, do you have the perfect response lined up or do you look around for the closest exit to avoid having to answer this terrifying question?

Does a mind-blowing response roll off your tongue? Does your answer do your brand justice?

OR do you give a different answer every single time? Is your response confusing or uninspiring?

If you can’t clearly express that you’re the solution to your customers’ problems, frustrations and/or hidden desires, then it doesn’t matter how awesome you are. If people can’t easily understand your brand’s value, they will hightailing it to the exits at your next pitch or conference.

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You Keep Using That Word…I Don’t Think It Means What You Think It Means…

A value proposition is the heart of your business – it’s not some marketing hocus pocus, a list of key benefits, or a bunch of values like “quality” or “integrity.” This book describes the process in detail with tools along the way. A value prop is the essence of the value that you, and you only, provide to your customer.

Simply put, your value prop is the promise you make to your customers.

When your value prop is clear, you’re able to balance what you offer as your core business to ensure client success with profitability for your business. It helps strengthen the belief of why your customers buy from you instead of from your competitors. Don’t look like stock photo guy any longer!

If you are looking to stand out from the competition you need to define your value prop!





Trailhead is a Practical Tool for Developing and Sharing Your Unique Value.

Trailhead is a practical, concrete tool that combines the art and science of value prop development that allows you to clearly share what’s at the core of your business. 

When you take bold steps towards connecting with your target audience, your customers take notice. Because when people understand why they should buy your product instead of any other, they’ll do it.

Trailhead will allow you to clearly explain your unique value and motivate your target audience to choose you over the hundreds of alternatives. 

Start turning more prospects into customers by snagging your Trailhead Workshop today!


  • Panic when answering “what do you do?
  • Have a vague or confusing elevator pitch
  • Pitch features rather than customer benefits
  • Can’t clearly define your customer’s challenge
  • Lower your prices to win terrible deals
  • Are unhappy with the quality of your customers
  • Are losing market share to your competition
  • Struggle with expresses what makes you unique
  • Are lost as to who your target market even is
  • Don’t believe in your value prop

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How Trailhead Helps You Define

What Makes Your Brand Unique

Voice Finder

It’s not what you say, but how you say it. If your brand were a person, how would they talk?

By establishing a distinctive, recognizable, and unique voice, you’ll ensure your copy, including its website, social media messages, and emails all sound like they came from one person. 

Internal Position Statement

You connect with your audience in so many different ways, but do you know if your brand is connecting with your audience in the way you want?

By creating an internal position statement, you’ll be able to affect how you interact with your customers and how they perceive your brand.

One and Only Statement

What makes your brand the “only one” in your industry?

As the pace of business quickens and the number of brands multiplies, it’s customers, not companies, who decide which brands live and which ones die. By knowing what makes you unique from the market, you’ll be able to position your brand to make sure it stands out from the crowd.


Elevator Pitch

In a world that’s overflowing with information, it pays to make your brand memorable.

By locking down your elevator pitch, you’ll not only know how to articulate how your brand provides value to your customs, you’ll also be able to articulate this value over and over again without ever winging it again!

Start getting customers to buy from you, not the competition

Trailhead has 3 Trails – You Choose Your Adventure

We got news! We got awesome news! Trailhead comes in 3 packages that fit all budgets. We did this because we believe every great business should be able to articulate their value and grow their business. 

To get started, there are just 3 steps:

  1. Clicking “Add to Cart” and process the order
  2. Scheduling your Trailhead workshop
  3. Letting the magic happen!

An Unbeatable Guarantee

We want to make sure that you get access to this product and experience it before fully committing to it.

To do that, we want to give you 30 days to let it digest, integrate it into your daily life, and make sure this is really working for you. Because you shouldn’t have to pay for something that doesn’t add value to you or your business.

The guarantee is simple: sign up and try Trailhead for yourself. If you don’t end up with a value prop that you love, we’ll give you all your money back. We’ll even eat the processing fees.

We believe in Trailhead so much that we’re willing to give you a guarantee that allows you to try the product for 30 days for you even have to decide if you liked it.

What are you waiting for? Get started today risk-free!



Lower Paid Ad Cost


Lower Business Cost


More Annual Revenue

Why should I pay for a couple of bozos to help me figure out my value prop?

Because we bring an outside perspective – a customer perspective.

As outsiders, we can clearly see what’s important and what needs to be emphasized to bring out the passion, the vision, and the essence of your brand, and we’ll help you put it all into words that will memorable, relatable, and epic.  We’ll also tell you what causes your audience to roll their eyes, and what causes their eyes to glaze over.

The fact of the matter is, you do amazing work and you know in your heart why you’re amazing. But you struggle to communicate it to your customers. And that’s where we come in to bring an outside perspective. You know what you really want the world to know, and we know how to find the words to get you the attention you deserve.


You're bringing significant value to customers. You're an expert in your field. And you know what the hell you're talking about.

But for some reason, a 5-word question trips you up every single time.

“What does your business do?”

You can change that.

Trailhead can help you figure out what makes your business different and how to talk about it, so you can:

  • Engage the right clients and say “Bye, Felicia” to the wrong ones.
  • Stop losing business to more polished competitors.
  • Stop getting glazed eyes when you answer “what does your business do?”

Clarify who you are. Make your brand worth listening to!

Explaining What You Do Doesn’t Have to be Excruciatingly Painful.

Trailhead comes in 3 packages that fit all budgets. We did this because we believe every great business should be able to articulate their value and grow their business. 

Get started with Trailhead by:

  1. Clicking “Add to Cart” and process the order
  2. Scheduling your Trailhead workshop
  3. Letting the magic happen!

Not sure which package is right for you?

Sign up for a free 30-minute Pow Wow.

Don’t Let a Lame Value Prop Kill Your Business

You know why your company is great, but do your potential customers know what sets your brand apart? As long as your value prop is unoriginal and stale, you’ll continue to lose potential customers to the competition. 

  • How much is your value prop costing your business?
  • How many potential customers have you lost as you struggled to explain why they should hire you?
  • How much revenue has gone out the door because customers aren’t willing to pay you what you’re worth?

It’s time you felt confident answering the question of “what does your business do?” It’s time you knew exactly what to say when asked “what makes your business unique?” It’s time your customers chose you because they knew in their hearts and minds that you, and only you, can solve their problem. 

It’s time for your value prop to move your business forward, not hold it back.

It’s time to get your value prop right. Your customers deserve it. Start your journey today and get on the Trailhead!

What would your business look like if 1 day from now you know how to:

  • Clearly pitch your value?
  • Stand out from your competitors?
  • Keep your customers’ attention?
  • Answer the question, “what does your business do?”
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